Monday, May 01, 2006

I made my daughter a pair of sixth sense sox's from the knit along I joined. She loves them. I love knitting for her. She gets so excited when you're making something for her. It makes it all worth it. AND....the thing with making her something is that you cant put it away for a couple of months (like i'm so bad for doing). She's always asking where it is. Can you see a future knitter? I do! I thought I had a picture but cant seem to find it. I'll have to post one later when they are out of the wash.
Also, this weekend we got the end of our house sided. Its a start! And i love it!!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Log Cabin's

Hi there. Just a quick post today. I finished a Christmas gift :) They turned out pretty good. Now I've got another pair to make and that should be one couple done. Imagine.....Christmas....that's just crazy. Dont ya just love it!! Sorry the picture is so crappy. The larger sock is being blocked and drying.

Log Cabin Socks from Handknit Holidays
Made with Bernat denimstyle in Chino
3.75mm dpn
My little girl wanted me to make her some socks so now I'm making her some Sixth sense socks from the six sox knitalong. They are knitting up fast. I finish one sock today!

Monday, March 27, 2006

Mail Goodies

Look at what I got today!

From left to right: Sock Garden Zinnia, Sock Garden Star Gazer Lily, Sock Memories Grandma, Blues Parade and Forest Parade. All are from Knit Picks of course.
SO...... I guess I've got some sock knitting to do! Hehehe. I found a couple of patterns that I think I'm going to try. One is from this site I love the spiral look. I'm just waiting for the site owner to email me the pattern. I'll probably also do a couple more jaywalkers. As for the others.....I dont know. I guess as I see the patterns I'll decide.
I'm still working on the hourglass sweater. It's coming along. I'm on my last decrease section before I start the yolk. I finished hubby's wool socks. Went to take a picture of them and they were gone. I guess he was so excited he wore them to work the next morning. He said he loved them and they were probably the best fitting socks he's ever owned. AWWWWWWWWWWWWW. heheee. I dont know how anybody can say wool socks are comfy....i say they're ITCHY. The raw wool ones I mean. Not the nice soft wool. The next purchase I have to make is that book Socks Soar with Two Circular Needles. I guess I'm going to have to break down and get it. There's not a whole lotta help online with doing this method. And hey, it's not going to hurt having another knitting book around. :)
Thats it for now folks. Sorry its taken me almost a month to post! Man I suck!!!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

So I've started the Hourglass sweater. I've already frogged it and restarted. Duh, I cant count. hehehe. I'm also still working on the mr's second sock. uggg. Second socks suck. Even after 6 months from the first one. oops. I cant wait to learn how to do 2 at once. Should be interesting. Thats actually all the knitting I have on the go right now. I've got lots planned, but am keeping myself back from starting them.

So our renovations are still going on. Here's a shot of the bathroom so far.
We still need to rip out that sink and counter and put in a pedestal sink. And the place of course needs crackfill, window trim and cupboards behind the door. And paint. I have NO idea what to paint it. I think I'm the worst person in the world when it comes to choosing paint colors. I kinda want to bring the beach colors into it. But dont know how. The light and new medicine cabinet (which i LOVE - it is brushed chrome, oval and is a medicine cabinet!) are both brushed chrome and everything else white. SO....any ideas? I like dark wicker but would that look stupid? To many different textures? AGGGG!
Anyways, the rest of the windows are changed and the siding is off the house and the new insulation is on. Now we cant side the house till the weather gets warmer cause we still need to build on the front extension. SO my house will look a little different for a little bit, but i love it! Just changing the windows has made a world of difference.
And here's my BAD Bo. He is sooo full of mischief. Cracks me up. I feel like i have another toddler running around! Speaking of toddlers, my oldest is driving me crazy. She is soo bad. Wont eat anything i put in front of her and tests everything i say. Everyone says to have patience, but man...i'm starting to go crazy!! Shes only 2. How am I going to get through two terrible 2's in a row?

Friday, February 24, 2006

FO Finally!

I finally finished my SIL's scarf. Its pretty much the same as the Irish Hiking Scarf but I made a couple of changes to the left cable and the middle cable. So I guess its not the same at all huh. :)
So the next thing I'm working on is a mini Clapotis. I'm using 3.75m needles and the Knitpicks Gossamer yarn. Hopefully it turns out alright.
Renovations have started here at the house. I love it all. Except the mess. Hate that! Anyways, the living room window has been changed and a garden door has been installed in the dining room replacing that UGLY window that was there. Today the guys ripped out the tub and shower and I'm hoping that tomorrow it'll be back in. Or nobody's going to want to come and visit us! :)
Heres' a pic of Mr. Bo Jangles.....or Bo. Such a cutie!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Jaywalker done!

Told you I would finish them today! Here they are.

Pattern: Jaywalker Socks
Yarn: DGB Confetti superwash
Needles: Addi circ 2.5mm
I liked doing these. They were fun. If I was to make them for myself I would use the larger pattern. They are quite a snug fit. And I was happy with the way the yarn was striping until I got to the heel of sock #2. One of the colors were a bit longer than on sock 1 and it messed up the perfect matching between the two. Ah well...they still turned out great! Now if only I could have finished these last night for the contest deadline!! AAGG!

So bummed

That's how I feel today. I didn't finish my Jaywalker socks. Yesterday was supposed to be the day. I was all set last night after I put the kids to bed. All that was left was the toe. Then my youngest who has 3 teeth coming in, got up screaming at 9pm and didn't stop till 11pm. No time for knitting there! And my hubby was working late last night, so it was all me. bwahhhhhhh!!!
I just wanted a chance to win STR yarn!! I've never won anything before!! :(
Ah well, at least today I can sit down and relax and finish them. No pressure. I am really impressed with yesterday too though. I knit from the heel to the toe in one day. That's a lot of knitting for me! I made such progress!
OK....enough of that. SO today is Valentines Day. Any special plans? We are going to go out for supper for the first time! We've been together for so long and its funny that we've never gone out to a nice fancy dinner! Crazy. Ah well, it's about time and we deserve it. I cant wait. My lovely sister has offered to babysit for a couple hours. She deserves something nice for that!
So, have a great day. If your a single lady, go treat yourself! If your in a relationship, go give that special somebody a hug. Me, I'm grabbing my kids and squezzing the crap outta them.....same thing I do everyday. They love it!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Stash addition

I just wanted to show you the new yarn I got from Knitpicks! 2 balls of sock yarn to make arm warmers and 2 skeins of some laceweight to make the Clapotis. I dont think that this yarn will make a very big clapotis, which is fine with me. I think one person said that they used this particular yarn to make theirs, but they double the yarn. I'm not doubling mine. I hope it turns out nice! And of course, I bought a sheep measuring tape. Hehehe. I would never spend that much on a measuring tape, but I thought that this guy was so cute!