Thursday, December 30, 2004

Christmas is here and gone

Hi all. Merry Christmas! I hope Santa was good to everybody. I got the best presents ever! I must have been really good this year. My BF got me a sewing machine! Look out! And I also got a lovely gliding rocker with ottaman. Awesome. Now I have somewhere comfy to sit and knit. Everybody loved there knitted gifts from me. The felted mittens were a big hit.....those who didnt' get the mitts and got slippers instead have informed me that now they want mitts! And I also have a request for some slippers! I dont know when I'm going to get it all done. I'm still very very pregnant and have no idea which day this baby is going to arrive. Until then though, i will continue to knit. Right now i'm working on a pair of combination mitts. They are really nice. I love them. And I still need to finish the thrum mitts! Oh no!! I've got to get the bf to rip some roving for me. I cant stand doing it myself and since they are for him, why not?! He should put some sweat into them too!! hehee.

Here's the results to a survey I did.....I rock!

Punk Mama
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Your kids are getting your independent spirit
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What kind of a freaky mother are you?
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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Ok, so I know this is not knitting but I couldnt' resist showing it off. I finally finished my bf's cross stitched stocking! It took forever and theres along story behind it which I will not bore you all with. He loves it too. I used to love doing this craft but now I hate doing it. It takes so long! I do love the final results though. I'm sure I'll never give it up. I have WAY TO MANY unfinished projects to do that!!! Now I've got to start my stocking, Cassidy's and very very very soon I'll have another stocking to make!! AAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!! Will it ever end???????? :)

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