Monday, October 31, 2005

Christmas presents are rolling

This is the Irish hiking scarf that I'm working on. I really like this pattern. Its quiet easy to follow and with the right yarn, turns out really nice. I'm also going to make a hat to match.
And remember the cascading leaves socks that I was working on? Ya, well there's not much progress on them. Here's a picture though. I messed up on the last row I think and now I don't even want to look at it for a while. I'm going to have to rip it back a couple rows so that I can figure out where I went wrong. Grr!!
Well, that's it for now. I'm off to bath some kids and get them to bed on this Halloween night! Hope you all had a good evening!!

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Happy Halloween!!

Here is a pumkin that my daughter and I carved! Well...she's only 2, so I guess she supervised.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

I'm not missing!

Holy! Where have I been?? Well, I've been here. Just to busy to make a post. I dont have any pictures to show today....simply because what I've finished are all christmas gifts. I can tell you about the slippers I am making for my bf's mom. I finished one and the bf took it and said that he was going to hold it ransom until I finished his other sock!! Not nice!
I ordered a christmas gift for myself from Its the Pattern a day calendar. Looks good. Has anybody seen these before? Anyways, I just figured I'd save everyb0dy the work of looking for it (cant find it in NB) and just order it.
Something not knitting related......we had our dog breed last week. She's a pure black lab and her stud was a chocolate lab. Should be some nice pups out of the bunch. If she's pregnant, the pups will be due a week before Christmas. Could you imagine only being pregnant for 65 days?!! OH YA. No, we have to do the 10 month thing. Mind you, I couldnt' imagine having up to 14 kids at once!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

One step closer to the Funny Farm

We got a new bird. It sings. It chirps. Loud. All the time. What the hell was I thinking?! Oh ya, he's cute and we dont have a bird yet. WHY NOT! Well, he is cute. And he does entertain us with his lovely singing. He sings something like "la cucarocha". I know that is way off the spelling. Doh! And he's got a nintendo voice too....boop, boop, boop, boop, get the picture right? Champ's his name. The cats LOVE him. It's like a new tv show for them, the fish were getting boring. Heres a pic.....
So, onto knitting news. I've been working on some socks....cascading leaves is the pattern. I love the color of the yarn for these socks. Perfect for fall. However, I dont think they will be done for fall! Oh well, perfect for all seasons i guess. I ordered the needle (turbo addi) from The price was right and I got it in the mail in just a couple of days. So, go check them out!! They are out of Ontario.
I've also started on some christmas gifts. I'm behind this year. I've had a real problem thinking up something to make everybody. Last years theme was mitts. Big hit. Nice felted ones. I've got a couple of ideas for this year, but cant say yet!!
Remeber that kool aid yarn? Well, i decided to try out some felted slippers for myself. I think they will be ok, just not as thick as the pattern called for. I didnt' double the yarn. Heres a crappy picture of the yarn...
Now, i'm off to do some housework. How much fun can a girl have in one day!!!???

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Finished projects

I finished a couple of projects this week. Here is a dishcloth...see the lighthouse? I got this pattern from TONS OF PATTERNS!! I didnt' have a solid color to try the pattern with, but i'm still pleased with the way it turned out.
Then there is the Devil Hat from Stitch n Bitch. I made it for my 2 year old (suits her to a tee) however she did not want to model it for us today. So sitting in for her is her 8 mth old sister. Cute huh!
I finished that wool i'm onto #2. And I also made a felted slipper out of that kool aid dyed yarn. I'll get some pictures of them on later. Thats it for now!