Tuesday, January 31, 2006

He's a keeper

Meet Bo. He's one of Jessie's pups. And he's staying :) How many people had bets going?? Will she keep one?? How crazy is she?? Like she needs another pet! WELL FOLKS.....I do need another pet! How could I not? He's soooo cute. And bad. Very bad. And spoiled already. heheee, but that's all good.
Guess what. I'm still on sock one. Is that sad or what? If this contest ends on Feb 14th, I'm in trouble. I better kick those turbo needles in gear! Dont you wish it was that easy? And I'm finding that they are quiet tight. But that's what I've been reading. That the type of pattern that it is doesnt' give the sock much stretch. But once they are on...comfy!
I'm getting pretty excited. I think we are going to take a drive out to Briggs and Little wool!! HOW EXCITING! I cant wait. Anybody know how long of a drive it is from Fredericton?

Monday, January 23, 2006

OK! The mistake was found on the sock. Only 4 rows back! Thank god!! Anyways, Now i'm about 3 inches into the foot. Has anybody with a size 7 foot made these? How far from the heel did you make the sock before you started the toe? These arent for me, thats why I'm asking. I just hope I dont get second sock syndrome and not finish these before the deadline. I would LOVE to win some of that sock yarn!! The chances of that though are slim to none since there's so many people in this knit along. Its fun though. Go check out all the socks! www.januaryone.com
Heres an update on my sock:

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

It came!

Yay! Today was so exciting for me. My scarf exchange package came!! And it held more than a scarf! I'd post a picture but there's something wrong with blogger right now. Here's a description for now.
There is my scarf of course. Which is super long. LOVE IT. Then there is 3 balls of Merino wool (what ever will i make?), some Hello Kitty candy, apricot tea bags, milk tea, dried mango's and a card! I really didnt' expect all that. Thank you sooo soo much Erin. I think this little taste of mail happiness might have convinced me to enter the next Secret Pal. I got so excited when I opened up my mail box and seen the box!! Made my day. Thanks again Erin!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Yay! I've been added to the Jaywalker along. I'm just past the heel and was doing great until I realized that my stitches are off. DAMN! I hate back knitting. H.A.T.E it. Even more when it's on itty bitty needles and I dont know where my mistake was! Ah well. I gave up last night around 11. I was so tired. Figured I'd give it another go when I'm more awake. Here's a picture of where I'm at now.
And here's a couple shots of the pups!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Jaywalker socks

Hi! Guess what. I joined the Jaywalker sock knitalong. At least I hope I did. I'm kinda still waiting to hear if I'm in or not. But no waiting on the knitting!! Heres a picture of my progress so far. I like the pattern up to this point. Its coming out nicely with these strips!

The colors kinda remind me of those Halloween candies......I havent seen them since I was a kid, but that's what this sock reminds me of. Which is a bad thing because now I want some of those candies. They were tasty! Thats all for now!!

Friday, January 13, 2006

Ummmm......what was I thinking?

Ok. Here's the story. At the end of it, I'm going to need your help.

I had to go to the local thrift store to buy drop sheets for my puppies. No prob! Cause they are sooo cute. When I was looking through the bins, I can across these 2 little balls of yarn. Pretty color..purple.......60% wool/40% silk. There's only 125 yrds each.....not much. But for .25c each you cant say no!

Then I came across this. And I took it.
It's a big honkin cone of something.....its green (a nice green) and I have no idea what fiber it is. I have no idea why I bought it. It was $4.00.
Can somebody PLEASE give me some ideas on what to make with this!! It's about the weight of sock yarn i guess. That would make a freaking lot of socks. And I'm not going to make that many socks. That would be crazy. It would make me crazy. Oh my god. I dont know. Maybe a shawl? Of some sort?? I need help.
There was another one of these cones there and it was in hot pink! That would have been hard to explain to the mr. hehehee.
Anyways, appreciate any suggestions!!

Monday, January 09, 2006

This year we will be doing renovations to our house. By "we" i mean "he". Our house is 29 yrs old and needs so much work. We knew this when we bought it. Mike is a really good handyman and the price was right, so we couldn't turn it down. Plus.....we kinda liked it! This weekend we had walls put up. Yes...walls. There was a half wall in the living room that had the basement stairs behind it...real safe for kids. Ya. So we made it into a full wall. And then, the wall from the living room to the diningroom had a big "hole" in it. I dont know what the purpose of this was. Maybe the previous owners thought that it made the place look bigger or something. Me..i thought it looked ugly. So....its' filled in to. And what a difference!! It looks great!
There still some more crackfilling to do and then painting. In the sping we will be changing windows, putting on new siding, a new chimney and a front and back deck with a mudroom off the front. I can wait. It's going to be awesome. We also have to dig up around the basement and find all the cracks that flood it and fix them. LOTS OF WORK. But so worth it!
Ok....knitting news. I've almost got my scarf exchange scarf done. I'm just toying over how long it should be. I like it as is but mike says "a scarf has to be really long". Hmmp. So i'm still knitting. I think i'll do another 10 sets and then block it. I've never blocked before. Any secrets I should know about??
After this project I need to finish my sil's scarf and mitts. She knows they're coming too. So i cant put them off. I'd like to finish off all of my little projects that I've got laying around this year. You know.....one sock here, one mitt there. And I also want to do a craft show this fall so I've got to get started on that now!! I think I'm going to make those jaywalker socks too. Mary maxim has this sock yarn that i'm liking too. It's called Regia Canadian Fashion Sock Yarn. It's not bad.
Anyways, thats it for now. Oh ya......the pups are doing great. SOOOO CUTE!!:)
Bye for now!!