Tuesday, February 14, 2006

So bummed

That's how I feel today. I didn't finish my Jaywalker socks. Yesterday was supposed to be the day. I was all set last night after I put the kids to bed. All that was left was the toe. Then my youngest who has 3 teeth coming in, got up screaming at 9pm and didn't stop till 11pm. No time for knitting there! And my hubby was working late last night, so it was all me. bwahhhhhhh!!!
I just wanted a chance to win STR yarn!! I've never won anything before!! :(
Ah well, at least today I can sit down and relax and finish them. No pressure. I am really impressed with yesterday too though. I knit from the heel to the toe in one day. That's a lot of knitting for me! I made such progress!
OK....enough of that. SO today is Valentines Day. Any special plans? We are going to go out for supper for the first time! We've been together for so long and its funny that we've never gone out to a nice fancy dinner! Crazy. Ah well, it's about time and we deserve it. I cant wait. My lovely sister has offered to babysit for a couple hours. She deserves something nice for that!
So, have a great day. If your a single lady, go treat yourself! If your in a relationship, go give that special somebody a hug. Me, I'm grabbing my kids and squezzing the crap outta them.....same thing I do everyday. They love it!


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